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Oshawa Homes For Sale

Oshawa is one of the largest communities in the regions of Durham. It has a legendary tale with rich documentation in its libraries and museums. The character of the area comprises of active engagement with the people and investments by both the locals and external peoples. 

The continued development of Oshawa attracts a wave of families that want to raise their children in a culturally inclined environment. Other people who enjoy the settings of the region will usually have a love for quietness and nature. The blend of rawness and urbanity makes it one of the best places to consider Oshawa homes for sale

Reasons to live in Oshawa

The homes

This region has an abundance of arrays of dwellings. Most people who live here enjoy selecting the freedom to select the age-old post-war bungalows and modern townhouses. The affordability of the community is convenient for budding professionals or young families. You can also choose the much cheaper region with My Upland’s townhouse. The setup of our real estate gives you the flexibility to live in a modern home without the pricing of a city townhouse. 


Oshawa is the home of many beautiful jewels of nature. You can indulge in reserved areas like:

  • McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve
  • Second Marsh Wildlife Area
  • Darlington Provincial Park

People who prefer beaches to parks will also have plenty of options after buying one of Oshawa’s homes for sale. The quality of water and air make it worthwhile to explore the region and appreciate its striking difference with a busy city.


Oshawa has a strong sense of community. Every member of the area takes great pride in the consistent peace and abundance of the place. It would not be a surprise for you to realize that everyone has a dependable link in their space of living. 

My Uplands townhouses are within a well-secured community area. Consequentially, the area has a heightened adherence to security measures. It is a luxury when you can trust that your children can play in the outdoors for an extended duration without constant threats of danger. 

Economical setting

The auto industry of Oshawa is unique. There are several manufacturing plants, which offer jobs and a vibrant economy. 

Oshawa is also full of high-quality education centers such as the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology, Durham College, and Trent University. The library system is convenient for most people, including school-going children.

Oshawa is within a reasonable driving distance away from Toronto, with highways in the north and south of the city.  You can also commute between the two towns by a public transport system. 

The entertainment setup of Toronto is abundant with choice. You can find several spots in the modern mall, attend events like Autofest and Fiesta, or enjoy a hockey game. It is easy to keep up a healthy entertainment lifestyle because Oshawa’s lifestyle is cheaper than Toronto’s. 

Are you looking to buy a home in Oshawa? We have perfectly designed and placed townhouses in the area. Contact us for a consultation or visitation schedule to experience the realism of our real estate.